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Name: Sweetpea

Description: She is a round orange girl and likes to eat a lot. She likes to lay down on your head and lick your face.

rating: 89/10 i lov u sweetpea

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Name: Sprite

Description: This is sprite. She likes trapeze. And is a (redacted) kitty.

rating: 100/10 i lov u sprite

to see more sprite pics, click the top left corner of her pic. If you are too lazy to do that, fear not, here is a link: link

name: Asia

Description: This is Asia. She likes food and cannot clean her own bum.

Rating: 30/10 I wish to meet u one day I already can tell i lov u asia

Name: Sherman

Description: This is Sherman. He loves to climb up the Christmas tree and is a very lovey cuddly cat.

Rating: 65/10 wonderful lov u sherman

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Name: Boo

Description: Boo likes to be isolated but always on the counter. Sherman’s girlfriend Is boo.

Rating: 78/10 i've met u once. lov u

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Name: Queen

Description: This is queen. She loves eating crackers And her favourite chip is Doritos.

rating: 400/10 legend

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Name: Storm

Description: This so storm. He loves treats and will claw anybody who has nicotine on them.

rating: 1000/10 gosh... i lov u so much storm

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Name: Jeff

Description: Jeff is fat

rating: 70/10 I haven't met u but i lov u

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Name: Loaf

description: Loaf is handsome

Rating: 100/10 nice

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